FR#1Talk : Re-Viewing a Critic by Raghunandan Kaanadka (FilmMaker)


FilmResource #1Talk by MK Raghavendra on Realism and Creativity in Cinema


It is easy to go ga ga on popular films & so called “critically acclaimed” films, but it takes a lot for a true critic to observe cinema in detail, or analyze and dissect the cinema to a level that they are risking to lose their innocence on cinematic experience in future. I see it more like risking normal sex life for being a gynecologist. It takes a lot to remain sane after what they do.
Today I finally got to meet one such critic, Mr. M K Ragavendra at an event called #filmresource, in which he was the speaker talking on Realism and Creativity in Cinema.

Spoiler Alert : Unlike other film reviews, I am not going to reveal anything about the talk here, because you should have been there .

Throughout his talks there were agreements and disagreements, but something that was more beautiful was that he was spoiling cinema for himself, or was he?

A critic for me is actually taking a bullet for the filmmaker and the viewer. Most of us enjoy cinema the way it is, not bothering about attention to detail. But a critic is in search of a perspective, not necessarily a new one.

I believe the work of a Film Critic is not for the common film viewer. When was the last time you listened to a critic and hence decided to not watch an SRK or a SALMAN film ( I am an exception here ),

A critic has to be taken seriously by filmmakers and film enthusiasts i.e., post watching, a critic gets to identify flaws that thankfully not many would have observed and this might help an individual to improve on his or her skills.

But conditions apply.

As critics themselves say it is not a judgment but an observation; it could be right or left for you to take it.

If you get a chance to meet these rare ones, please don’t let go of such opportunities. To be equally attached and detached to a piece of Art is really something.

I hope #filmresource gets us more such rare opportunities in the world of cinema. (also met few like minded people who came there to attend #filmresource)

P.S: Watch ratatouille – it’s a film on critic and classicism and not just about a Rat who is Chef. (just in case, if you had not observed that)

Raghunandan Kaanadka

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